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  • A bad review
    The disadvantage to making a book available for free is that you get people who aren’t really interested in the subject matter. The reviewer gave what could have been a glowing review, were it not for the single star out of a possible five. He didn’t like the subject matter and didn’t get Peter’s esthetic. … Continue reading A bad review
  • A Man a Plan a Canal Panama!
    A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama! is a fictional tale set in the very real Culebra Cut, an engineering project along the Panama Canal. It required carving a river through the Continental Divide. The men who went were divided by Gold and Silver, the two-class system based on race and ethnicity. Peter remembered this … Continue reading A Man a Plan a Canal Panama!
  • A Poem About the Burden of Size
    We found a deeply personal poem written by Peter, bemoaning the burden of being huge. If you thought you could unveil his psychology through his stories, this poem will be like opening his calvarium and staring directly at his brain. The Obscenity Come with me, I’ll show you whyToo much of a good thing can … Continue reading A Poem About the Burden of Size
  • Ancient Greek Active
    People just assume Hercules is a top. He does too, at least until he meets his superior. Lippos may not be a muscled demigod, but he has Hercules beat in the manhood department. And Hercules discovers, to his delight, that his powers prevent him from feeling pain. He’s the perfect muscle bottom. And Lippos is … Continue reading Ancient Greek Active
  • At the Gate
    Wilbur waited at the gate for his flight back to Albuquerque. He dreaded the long, boring pep talks at Limon headquarters. Every three months, Limon Corporation required the sales staff to fly to Topeka and endure the long-winded talks from the CEO. Wilbur was sales support, a technical role that had absolutely no business listening … Continue reading At the Gate
  • At the Lucky Market – An erotic story
    On summer break from college back East, I came to stay with my Grandmother in Fresno, CA. Fresno is the largest city between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It sits in the middle of the Central Valley, where it bakes like the raisins and prunes it is famous for producing. Fresno was trying to be … Continue reading At the Lucky Market – An erotic story
  • Big Dick Superiority and Male Pregnancy (MPREG) on Vella
    PS Publishing released two rare Peter Schutes novels as serials on Kindle Vella. They’re much less expensive than buying a novel, and both stories are fantastic tales of giant cocks and pregnant men. In The Orchardman, Peter weaves a post-plague tale of infertility, captivity, and male pregnancy. It’s one of the first science fiction novels … Continue reading Big Dick Superiority and Male Pregnancy (MPREG) on Vella
  • Bigger wasn’t always better
    In Ancient Greece, the most desirable men had very small endowments. Just being “above average” was a deal-breaker. Picture massive Hercules with his grotesquely prodigious member, and you can imagine his loneliness. Enter Lippos, the “tripod”, whose length and girth exceed Hercules’s, and the fireworks begin. They fall quickly in love, each providing his mate … Continue reading Bigger wasn’t always better
  • Bunkhouse Buddies
    …Not every cowboy had those particular plans. Many just wanted to be around other cowboys like themselves, confirmed bachelors….
  • Can smut convert to Erotic Romance?
    I don’t have the patience to read a gay erotic romance, so I’m not sure how far Peter’s anatomically outrageous smut lies from such a genre. If I take out a lot of explicit description and replace it with euphemisms, will these otherwise romantic HEA stories be something of interest to a wider reading populace? … Continue reading Can smut convert to Erotic Romance?
  • Dark As a Dungeon
      Dark as a Dungeon was written by the author in the mid-1960s. Themes of drugs, phallic worship and sado-masochism were common in all his works, but Dark As A Dungeon was one of his strongest examples of phallic extremes and torture. Peter himself had a reputation for being extraordinarily well endowed. We believe that … Continue reading Dark As a Dungeon
  • Five Erotic Tales
    …Like his contemporary, Tom of Finland, Peter preferred an exaggerated reality. The difference is in the attitude towards size great and small. Extreme size becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Peter suffered from the same problems of over-endowment as the hero of this story…
  • Hobo Honey – FKA The Ambitious Hobo
    Hobo Honey – a free erotic novella set in the hobo jungles of Depression-era United States. Riding the rails was no life for a beauty like Fred Talmadge. His face was too pretty to be covered in all that soot. Riding from Dallas to St. Louis, he shared a boxcar with a thick hunk of … Continue reading Hobo Honey – FKA The Ambitious Hobo
  • Hotshot – Free erotic ebook preview
    First chapter of a steamy, smutty romance between a trucker with a very light load and his companion who’s hauling beyond capacity.
  • How Peter Tamed the Monster
    The significance of this bookstrap escaped us at first.  Daryn the intern, whose young imaginative mind is capable of great leaps, explained that the straps were for holding Peter’s manhood against his thigh. “You said he fought in World War I. Do you think he could have made it without something to keep it in … Continue reading How Peter Tamed the Monster
  • How to get your banned book published
    Peter Schutes publishing made mistakes. They tried to publish the first four Daddy’s Boy books as a collection in paperback on the largest book retailer in the universe. Here are the mistakes we made: 1. We used “incest” as a search term. 2. We added some raunchy illustrations. 3. We didn’t hold back in describing … Continue reading How to get your banned book published
  • In Very Good Company
    Daddy’s Boy Series Bundled on Smashwords – First Ten Copies Are Free! F. Scott Fitzgerald, JD Salinger, James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, William S. Burroughs, George Orwell and now, Peter Schutes.  What do they all have in common? Yes they are all authors of outstanding fiction, but did you also know that … Continue reading In Very Good Company
  • Is It the Motion in the Ocean?
    This is a fragment of a note from Peter written close to the end of his life. He waxes philosophical on the meaning of penis size in the context of human interactions. In the realm of male psychology, the mind has an infinite capacity to criticize its owner. I’m too fat. I’m too skinny. I’m … Continue reading Is It the Motion in the Ocean?
  • Male pregnancy and incest, oh my!
    We unearthed a filthy fetish pile and of course we had to publish it. Daddy’s Boy, Male Pregnancy is the series name. It comes in two batches – the Appalachian 1960 era and the New York 1977-79 era. We have published the four books comprising the Appalachian quartet. The first one, Daddy’s Boy Is All … Continue reading Male pregnancy and incest, oh my!
  • Marketing Erotica
    Peter’s books have always sold in a slow, irregular trickle. Part of the reason is that Amazon doesn’t let erotica authors advertise on their platform. There are other ways to advertise; however, until recently, we hadn’t tried anything other than this blog and the occasional tweet. A week ago, we asked a casual question of … Continue reading Marketing Erotica
  • Micro-smut on Twitter
    @PeterSchutes is producing illustrated micro-smut on Twitter. What is micro-smut? It’s extremely short fiction, limited to 280 characters. The challenge is to turn on the reader in just a few words. Below are a few of the best: Alec put Ralph on the sofa and held one leg aloft. This allowed him to fuck ferociously … Continue reading Micro-smut on Twitter
  • Miles High – Free for all – mm size differences spa (small penis appreciation)
    One man’s burden is another man’s pleasure in this quick and dirty airplane sex romp
  • MPREG Like No Other
    Peter wrote about male pregnancy in a different time, when gender roles were more rigid than they are now. Modern MPREG is soft, gentle, more romance than smut. Peter’s work, best described by the Japanese term “bara” – is hard, rough and extremely sexual. While modern MPREG often relies on aliens or other supernatural forces … Continue reading MPREG Like No Other
  • MPREG or Male Pregnancy
    From Peter’s Notes: Ever since I first heard of ectopic pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the womb, my imagination soared. It shows that it’s scientifically possible (if not plausible) for a man to be impregnated. I spent much of my time devoted to writing the Monachee fantasy series Daddy’s Boy [editor’s note, Amazon … Continue reading MPREG or Male Pregnancy
  • Name the Novel Contest
    We found a terrific Peter Schutes novel in an unopened suitcase. The premise is that a young man with a little penis meets a demon who he believes to be the Devil. The demon promises him the biggest dick in town in exchange for his soul. What the protagonist doesn’t realize is that it will … Continue reading Name the Novel Contest
  • O 69
    Bradley was addicted to Indian Bingo. Every Friday night after he collected his pay, he drove to the reservation where they played Bingo for $1.00 a card. He wasn’t married. His girlfriend had left him when the addiction first started. So when he lost half a paycheck chasing that Bingo high, he only hurt himself. … Continue reading O 69
  • Peter (Over) Exposed
    Not even Roomba could find more material.
  • Peter has been prolific
    Three #MPREG novels in as many weeks. Daddy’s Boy Volume II
  • Peter Schutes Radio – A smutty good time
    The 20th century author with a colossally warped and perverted penile perspective has taken up an entirely 21st century pursuit: Podcasting. Penises on Parade. Pricks for Kicks. Plop down your meat and pick up the podcast that will make your ears sting. Peter Schutes’s books lend themselves perfectly to bedtime stories. The literary mind of … Continue reading Peter Schutes Radio – A smutty good time
  • Peter Schutes Radio – Vol 1 EPS 1 – Daddy’s Boy Is All Knocked Up
    This is the first in a series of audio adaptations of Peter Schutes’ Seven Book Series “Daddy’s Boy” sometimes known as “Appalachian Bred”. This early MPREG series introduces the fictitious Monachee Tribe. The Bunch family are a particularly fertile bunch of guys whose fathers make babies with their sons. It’s raunchy, steamy, transgressive, and HOT! … Continue reading Peter Schutes Radio – Vol 1 EPS 1 – Daddy’s Boy Is All Knocked Up
  • Peter Took on the Vatican
    The Catholic Church was no sacred cow for Peter. In his soon-to-be-published vintage smut book, Peter attacks the very foundations of the Vatican. In A Mass for the Massive, Vicente Picogrande is a priest with an elephantine cock. Under the auspices of being given special training, the horse hung padre is singled out and sent … Continue reading Peter Took on the Vatican
  • Peterstiltskin
    We’re on the eve of publishing a 25,000 word erotic romance called “Deceived, Cursed, and Blessed”. Set in the 1930s in Chicago and Hollywood, the novel follows the story of Max Anderson, a man who makes a deal with a demon to have the biggest dick in town. Like most bargains with diabolical wish-granters, the … Continue reading Peterstiltskin
  • Peter’s Serials on Kindle Vella
    You should check out Peter’s latest publications: 2 serial stories on Kindle Vella. The Orchardman is a dystopian tale of male pregnancy (mpreg) and childbirth. It takes place in a setting very much like Children of Men or The Handmaid’s Tale, where infertility causes society to collapse. If you’ve read the Daddy’s Boy/Appalachian Bred series, … Continue reading Peter’s Serials on Kindle Vella
  • Peter’s Year in the Coal Mines
    Daryn will be taking his lady friend to Chili’s for 3000-calorie nachos and a stale IPA from Santa Barbara County.
  • Poolside Plantings
    Los Angeles was 100 miles away, but it might as well have been 10,000 miles. I was finally relaxed. Someone in the hot tub commented that I had a nice smile. I don’t think I’d smiled for years. After endless years on contract at MGM, I was finally able to take a vacation. The contract … Continue reading Poolside Plantings
  • Steroid Steve
    Peter, a slender man with a big package, makes a connection with Steroid Steve, a bodybuilder with very little between his massive legs.
  • The Anaconda Copper
    The Anaconda Copper explores the moral quandaries of Sheriff Whelan Dowd, also known as ‘Stack.’ The town folks call him ‘Stack’ in honor of the Anaconda Stack, the tallest masonry smokestack in the world, which looms over the town like a massive phallus.  He was gifted and cursed with an appendage so large, it caused … Continue reading The Anaconda Copper
  • The Autobiography is Here
    We released the Autobiography on Kindle as a pre-order, the book becomes available  April 23, 2020. Get your copy before they sell out (kidding) – but seriously, ordering in advance is like Christmas in April. As we write this, we are cooped up in the house. If we hadn’t spent hours preparing the novel for … Continue reading The Autobiography is Here
  • The Autobiography Unearthed
    This morning, a miracle took place: we found the autobiography.
  • The importance of a good review
    We here at PS publishers are scratching our heads. Peter has given away over 750 free copies of his classic “Bunkhouse Buddies” and yet so far not one person was brave enough to leave a review. Perhaps all 750 are following the maxim “If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to say … Continue reading The importance of a good review
  • The Spotter
    Garret peeled off the shorts, revealing a cock the size of two coffee cans. It was a bit misshapen, but it was a gigantic dick. Bryan grew weak in the knees looking at it.
  • There are lots of free stories on here…
    Looking for free big dick fiction? Look no further. Peter’s free content on Twitter alone could keep a reader occupied for days, weeks, hours.
  • Top 11 Peter Schutes Tropes
    Peter has written tens of thousands of pages of raw smutty literature. Within those pages are some recurring themes and scenarios. Here, are the 11 most common Peter Schutes tropes. We chose 11 in honor of the unicorn of dick size – 11 inches. 11. Oops, I got pregnant! In addition to the very common … Continue reading Top 11 Peter Schutes Tropes
  • Two new novels unpublished so far…
    Besides being an imaginary 20th Century author, I also write literary fiction under my real name. It can be a real time suck. So you have two novels to look forward to: “Cloistered” set in the Vatican, and “Hercules and the Tripod of Thessaly”, set in ancient times. I wrote them in the evenings before … Continue reading Two new novels unpublished so far…
  • Two novels released
    Two Peter Schutes classics came out in paperback and eBook formats in the past month. The Butt Baby is a comical tale of a man who gets pregnant through a mishap with his high school buddy Nick the Dick. It was written in 1980, after Stonewall, but before the AIDS crisis. An earlier masterpiece, Confessions … Continue reading Two novels released
  • Under the Boardwalk
    This scene is from a novel-in-progress set at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and also underneath it. Harry, a smooth young man with a very small penis envies guys with hairy bodies and big cocks. When he meets Cleve, a super-hung sex machine, Harry learns his mouth and his ass are vital sex organs that … Continue reading Under the Boardwalk
  • Violating an AI
    With my ChatGPT prompt, “Tell me a story about a lumberjack with a very large penis,” I got a content violation warning, but I also got a story. A surprisingly scary-good fairy tale with a moral worthy of a Peter Schutes novel. Other than adding a title, I have made no changes. I’m thinking I … Continue reading Violating an AI
  • ‘Tis the Season
    …The mustache reminded me of my early porn career. It was kind of a turn-on, even if it was tacky and outdated….
  • ‘Tis the Season part 2
    I spent most of my adult life getting paid to get fucked. I had seen my share of big dicks, and I’d seen a few huge ones. But Roger’s was in a separate league. I had never seen anyone that big hard, let alone soft. A client interrupted my thoughts. It was Roger. “You’ve been … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season part 2