MPREG Like No Other

Peter wrote about male pregnancy in a different time, when gender roles were more rigid than they are now. Modern MPREG is soft, gentle, more romance than smut. Peter’s work, best described by the Japanese term “bara” – is hard, rough and extremely sexual. While modern MPREG often relies on aliens or other supernatural forces to explain the pregnancy, Peter’s work relies on plausible scientific explanations, as you will read below.

Most of Peter’s books we’ve uncovered so far are about anal pregnancy among a tribe called the Monachee. The forthcoming novel, The Expectant Member, is about Milo, a horse-hung but otherwise ordinary man who gets pregnant in his massive penis. Because of his extraordinary size, he is able to carry the gestating embryo.

How did Milo get pregnant? In a twist, it was when he was having vaginal sex with Jordan, a trans man, who also gets pregnant. Milo’s huge member creates a tight seal, and the suction causes one of Jordan’s eggs to dislodge and enter Milo’s urethra. It travels to the bladder, becoming a zygote in the long cum-soaked passageway. The next time Milo pees, the embryo attaches itself to the urethra.

These are two ways a man can get pregnant. Jordan is a man with a vagina and uterus; his pregnancy is entirely plausible – in fact it has already happened. Milo’s pregnancy is pure fiction.

If you want to read all about it, the book is for sale on Smashwords.