O 69

Bradley was addicted to Indian Bingo. Every Friday night after he collected his pay, he drove to the reservation where they played Bingo for $1.00 a card. He wasn’t married. His girlfriend had left him when the addiction first started. So when he lost half a paycheck chasing that Bingo high, he only hurt himself.

Bradley was not well hung. In fact, he was two inches below average. This weighed on his thoughts every waking hour except when he was playing Bingo. The excitement and the money and the camaraderie kept his mind off of his painfully small penis. Bradley had a handsome face, with piercing blue eyes and high cheekbones. He wore a scruffy beard that brought out his fine features and made him attractive to the ladies.

It was Friday, and Bradley needed a fix. He drove to the Bingo Hall and bought four cards for the first game. He sat down at his usual spot, anxiously waiting for the caller to start the game. To his consternation, a big hulk of a man sat down across from him, blocking his view of the podium. The man wore a huge smile.

“Name’s Ed.” He extended a hand. They shook.

“Bradley. I ain’t seen you around before.”

Ed winked. “I only show up where I’m needed.”

Bradley frowned, trying to figure out what Ed meant by that. He shrugged. The caller took the podium.

“First game is a simple Bingo. Just one row Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally. First number…” He rolled the bingo cage until a ball popped out. “B 13. B 13.”

Ed said, “That’s my lucky number, Brad.”

Bradley was annoyed. He wanted to concentrate on the game. With four cards, it was too easy to miss something jacking jaws with your table mates.

Ed said, “I got a surprise for you if they call O 69.”

Bradley shook his head, as if trying to get rid of a fly.

Sure enough, the next number was O 69.

Ed clapped his hands in front of Bradley and the room disappeared. Ed and Bradley were seated on a bench in an empty park.

Bradley jumped to his feet. “What the fuck? Where the fuck are we?”

Ed patted Bradley on the shoulder. “We’re right where you need to be right now.” He waved his hand, and the two of them were completely naked.

Bradley instinctively reached down a hand to cover himself. Then he saw Ed’s appendage. Two hands wouldn’t be enough to hide it. It hung to his knees. Despite himself, Bradley felt his tiny penis growing hard behind his hand. He wasn’t normally into dudes, but something as big as Ed’s cock was like an aphrodisiac. Bradley blushed.

Ed grinned. “You like it. You want it. Am I right?”

Bradley nodded.

“You can have it, but you have to let me fuck you.”

Bradley said, “I don’t get it.”

“Let me explain. I was like you once. Even smaller. I was so small, my only choice was to get fucked. So that’s what I did. I’ve had armies of men inside me. It made me forget how small I was, and I loved it.

“Then one day, walking on the reservation, I found a wishing stone. If you rub a wishing stone while speaking aloud your wish, it will come true. I was a little vindictive. I wanted revenge on the men with normal cocks who’d fucked me all those years. I asked to have the ability to steal their size. Any man who fucked me would lose an inch, and I would gain an inch.”

Ed clapped his hands, and the room was gone

Bradley sat up. This was interesting.

Ed said, “I was greedy. I let a dozen men fuck me before I realized I had grown too big. I tried to give back the size I’d stolen, but those men wouldn’t let me near their ass.”

Bradley smiled. “Are you saying that if I somehow let you fuck me with that thing, I can be your size?”

Ed nodded. “I’d rather give you half. There’s no sense in being this big.”

Bradley dropped his jeans and bent over the bench. “Let’s get this over with.”

Ed placed the fist-sized head of his throbbing cock at Bradley’s virgin hole. He spit several times until it was slick, then tried pushing in.

Bradley felt the intense pain as his tight hole began to stretch. At the same time, he felt a stirring in his cock, as though it had let go and grown just a tiny bit. It was more intoxicating than Bingo.

Ed said, “Am I hurting you?”

Bradley nodded. “Yeah, but keep going. I want this.”

Ed pushed in until Bradley bucked. “Should I stop?”

Bradley shook his head fiercely. There was too much to gain from this pain.

Ed pushed until there was an audible pop. His head was past the sphincter now. Bradley, on all fours, tilted his head to watch his penis grow with each forward thrust.

Ed pushed easily until he hit the second door. Getting past that could be a real challenge, especially with a virgin like Bradley.

“If I just fuck you here, you’ll gain about four inches and I’ll lose four. Is that enough?”

Bradley said, “Hell, no! I want more!”

Ed said, “Good, because I wanted to lose a lot more than four inches. But this is going to hurt.”

Bradley didn’t care. He felt that bizarre sensation where it seems like the cock just tore a hole in your rectum. In reality, it was pushing past the rectum into the sigmoid colon. Bradley wished he’d discovered anal sex earlier. He would have been a fairy if it meant feeling this good. Of course, the pleasure was amplified by the sight of his tiny penis growing bigger with each of Ed’s painful thrusts.

Ed said, “I have to come inside you or it doesn’t take. I hope that’s okay.”

Bradley looked between his legs. There were at least seven soft inches between his thighs. He was a grower, too. This was perfect.

“Yeah, it’s perfect right now. Are you close?”

Ed nodded. He picked up the pace, carefully thrusting only as deep as he had been. But the thrill of losing his size had him excited. When the orgasm came, he got too excited and pushed all the way to the root. Bradley’s cock rivaled a horse. When Ed pulled out, he shrunk to a mere nipple. He smiled at Bradley.

“Looks like you’re going to have to fuck me now, to even it out.”

Bradley looked admiringly at Ed’s powerful frame. “I could make a habit out of this.”