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Peter Schutes

Historic Gay Author



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Hot Blue Collars

Revised Edition. Originally published as "Blue Collar Buds".

Four tawdry tales will delight your senses and leave you deeply satisfied.


A logger chooses to live away from society, out in the woods, with only a bunch of men and some halfway decent food to keep him company. Some loggers are loners, preferring to live and work away from others. These 'timberbeasts' always have good reasons for wishing to be alone. Some are hotheads who would get in fights if they were around others. Others are introverted types who feel drained by other people. Some of these solitary loggers have reasons no one could fathom.

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Big Hole River

Three Tales woven together by a handsome youth, a beautiful valley, and hard, towering columns.

Buck Private is the story of strapping Wyoming lad Buck Hartigan, who enlists in the Army, where he discovers his true nature. Peter has hinted that Buck is his ideal mate, perhaps his ideal self. Buck's proportions are enticing but not overbearing, which Peter often yearned for in himself and a mate.

The Anaconda Copper tells the tale of a Montana Sheriff whose legendary member earned him the nickname "Stack" in honor of the giant smokestack that looms over the town. Stack meets Buck, who is on his way to a ranch in the Big Hole River Valley but finds his perfect mate in a man he'd often admired but never knew was like him.

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Bobbing Buoys and Salty Seamen

The lure of the sea! What happens when petite, young first-timers sail the waters in the company of big, burly seamen? They gain experience!

Angles and Dangles is the story of Rex Dongiovanni, a big, muscled seaman third class in the US Navy assigned to a submarine where "140 men go down, and 70 couples surface."

In The Able Seaman, Paxton Smalls finds his best asset is behind him, and what's in front is of little consequence. He shares his bounty with the merchant marines aboard his tramp vessel as they head towards a tight passage through the Straits of Magellan.

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Muscle Bottom

Five tawdry tales follow the life and adventures of bodybuilder Shamus Little. Shamus can snatch, clean, and jerk with the best of the muscle men in Venice, CA, but he's missing something below the belt. He more than makes up for it on the back end.

In Little Shamus the bodybuilder recounts his sexual awakening and his love of bodybuilding.

In Muscle Beach, Taryn Rearden has a crush on Irish bodybuilder Shamus Little. After a hostile encounter, Shamus asks Taryn back to his flat, where the two men find common ground. Both are burdened by size, whether too much or too little. A bet leads to the discovery that size isn't everything.

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The Gospel of Priapus

This legend contains the seeds of a cult of phallic supremacy. Following its tenets, men are free to lie with other men and generate power, potency, and the fertility of their crops. In today's modern world, this translates as wealth and influence. Heed the call of Priapus, and you will enjoy affluence, good fortune, and treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Contus Pedalis had a legendary member. Many believe, even today, that its enormous size is a source of fertility, wealth, and virility. This simple tract houses the myth of the young man's discovery of his powers and his rise to the status of a god. Worshipped in the pagan world as Priapus, men established sanctuaries in his honor throughout the ancient world. Several still exist today. The cult of phallic supremacy and worship has spread even in the Americas. Through rituals of buggery and obeisance to well-endowed men, crops are made more fertile, and a man's phallus becomes a source of power and prestige.

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Desert Island Daddies

A plane crash. A seemingly deserted island. Two strangers forced to face the unknown.

Butch, a seasoned pilot with a gruff exterior and a huge, dangling problem, and Pinky, an effete playboy with nearly nothing between his legs, find themselves stranded on a lush, uncharted island.

As they struggle to survive and give themselves over to sexual pleasure in paradise, they discover the island holds a secret: its male inhabitants are required to give birth to keep the civilization alive.

Can they endure the island's mysteries and find their way home? Or will they succumb to the temptations of the flesh and the island's dark allure?

Dive into a graphic tale of sex, survival, discovery, and male childbirth.

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The Autobiography of Peter Schutes

Peter Schutes was long reputed to have written a tell-all tale of his life. There were fragments we knew about the author up until now that have blossomed into giant heaps of knowledge. Yes, he had an ENORMOUS endowment. Far bigger than anything any of us imagined. If he were alive today, he would be a card-carrying member of the LPSG. His endowment ruled his life in so many ways. Because of his superhuman stature, he was a busy prostitute in 1930's Hollywood. Apart from the historical fiction and fantasy erotica about male pregnancy, many of his novels and short stories we found and published draw directly from his life story. He was in Panama during the building of the canal. He worked at a rodeo. He worked in the coal mines of Harlan County, Kentucky and the copper mine in Anaconda, Montana. He was a ranch hand and a merchant marine. Now we just need to find his novels about prison, Hollywood hustlers, Mexican priests...read the thrilling story of this prolific erotica author.

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Dark As a Dungeon

Shorty McCool has a huge secret. Follow him through the mines and the showers of Cumberland, Kentucky, where he discovers forbidden pleasures after he inadvertently reveals his massive manhood to the miners. Enjoy the lust for the lure of the mine as Shorty discovers unbridled man on man sex. Feel his heart ache as he yearns for more, only to find it very close to home.

Taking place in 1960s Kentucky, Dark as a Dungeon is one of Peter’s raciest novellas. Themes of drugs, phallic worship and sado-masochism were common in several of his works, but Dark As A Dungeon was one of his strongest examples of phallic extremes and drug-fueled sex. Shorty McCooly’s extraordinary tastes and dangerous desires, as well as his ultimate desire for a loving mate give this happily-ever-after hardcore erotica a romantic touch.

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