The Able Seaman
Paxton Smalls, son of a New Orleans harlot, has a tiny problem. Though God left him wanting up front, he more than made up for it on the backside. When Paxton sets out to sea, he discovers his best asset is a comfort to many a sailor. But when he meets a handsome man with a very big problem, Paxton finds the love that sent him out to sea in the first place.

The Anaconda Copper
This erotic work of fiction explores the moral quandaries of Sheriff Whelan Dowd, also known as ‘Stack.’ He was gifted and cursed with an appendage so large, it caused real damage with women. He has learned to enjoy the company of men, but even they grow fearful in the presence of his member, which looms as big as the smokestack dominating the town of Anaconda

The Autobiography of Peter Schutes
An erotically charged autobiography of a gay man with an exceedingly large endowment who yearns for love but seems to only find worship. Peter Schutes, imaginary author, had a legendary dong. His life in the early 20th century as a homosexual is frightening, sad, and ultimately inspirational.

Bunkhouse Buddies
‘Bunkhouse Buddies’ is an early 60s erotic novel set in the rough and tumble world of cowboys on the Great Plains. The men live together in a bunkhouse, a small house designed to keep cowboys clean, clothed and fed. Follow along and ride flank with these cowboys as they uncover the secret forbidden pleasures of bachelorhood.

The Butt Baby
An early story of male pregnancy. Nick and Chuck, best friends since high school, hook up at an orgy, where Nick’s wife’s ovum becomes lodged deep in Chuck’s colon. Can their friendship survive Chuck’s pregnancy?

This isn’t the appointment Vicente expected after he graduated seminary.
Gifted with an extraordinary endowment, the statuesque Mexican priest is in high demand. Demon-loving priests keep him locked up in the bowels of the Vatican under heavy guard. As the priest with the enormous “problem”, he’s very popular at the nightly orgies. The presence of Vicente’s prowess keeps the demons happy.
When the demon is happy, the bishops are happy. They shower Vicente with gifts and rich food. But it isn’t helping. He’s so tired of the constant overindulgence. Nothing will ever make him enjoy sex again. But little Fritz, with his red hair and clever Swiss ingenuity, has an extraordinary ability to accommodate Vicente. Could this be love?

Confessions of a Rodeo Clown
It’s 1961. When Brightie the Clown first lays eyes on Cody the Bull Rider, he never imagines the adventure that awaits the two. Brightie has a special ability to accommodate Cody’s enormous endowment; his talent keeps the cowboy coming back to his clown for satisfaction and relief. Brightie feels filled and satisfied, despite the pain and suffering he endures.

The two are the perfect pair, until Cody’s darkest secrets threaten to tear them apart. Rodeo is the toughest sport. It’s savagely violent; even the clowns are made of steel. The cowboys are strong, deep and brutal in bed. Brightie must adapt to the cowboy life or perish.

Daddy’s Boy (AKA Appalachian Bred)
Imagine you’re a young man with a deep love for your father. You consummate that love. Then you find out you’re pregnant! This early collection of MPREG stories tell about four generations of the Bunch Clan, members of an imaginary Appalachian ethnic group called the Monachee, who have the ability to reproduce without women. In fact, to produce a male heir, they must mate with another man. The conception can only happen beyond the colorectal junction, so the men are all endowed with the enormous equipment for the job. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the Bunch family interbred. Daddy was brother to his son. But forces of modernization have caused several Bunch men to find male love outside the Monachee tribe. This vintage collection of MPREG erotica mixes taboos of incest and pregnancy.

Daddy’s Boy 1962-1977

This trilogy is the story of the fourth generation – three triplets, each born of different fathers. The triplets are raised in New York City, where there huge anatomical differences send them in different directions. Punk rock, wild partying, and even hard drugs plague the lives of these boys who have become men before finding out who they really are. Pregnancy surprises all three. A fifth generation of Bunch boys is on its way.

Dark As a Dungeon
Follow Shorty McCool through the mines and the showers of Cumberland Kentucky. This extraordinarily endowed young man discovers forbidden pleasures when he inadvertently reveals his massive manhood to the miners. Enjoy the lust for the lure of the mine as Shorty discovers unbridled man on man sex. Feel his heart ache as he yearns for more, only to find it very close to home.

Deceived, Cursed & Blessed
Set in the 1930s in Chicago and Hollywood, this novella follows the story of Max Anderson, a man with a tiny penis, who makes a dubious deal with a demon to be bigger. Like most bargains with diabolical wish-granters, the result is disastrous.
When Max falls in love with a handsome actor in Hollywood, the sex is deathly dangerous. He and his new lover must find a way out of the deadly, diabolical pact through some kind of Rumpelstiltskin clause.
If you’re a fan of romance, brodbingnagian appendages, and turns of the screw, you will love Deceived, Cursed, and Blessed.

The Expectant Member
Possibly the first book about penile pregnancy!
When Milo, a hedonistic swinger, meets Jordan, a trans man, the sparks fly. Not long after their hookup, Jordan is pregnant. Stranger still, when a lump forms in Milo’s enormous phallus, he learns that he, too, is pregnant. Weary of the media, the two are relieved when a government agency abducts them. Soon they must fight for their lives.

Five Erotic Tales
Here is a representative collection of the short works of Peter Schutes. These post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS stories illustrate the freedom and pervasiveness of male sexuality. All stories take place between 1970-1980 in and around Los Angeles. Some were published in Blueboy, Honcho and other gay porn rags, while others were discovered in a filing cabinet after Peter’s death.

Hobo Honey
When Idaho, a rail-riding bum with an enormous curse, meets Fred, a cherubic young drifter with a gift for accommodation, it’s a match made in heaven. But Fred knows Idaho hides a yearning for his old buddy Dumbo that leaves him lonely. Is Fred truly the answer to Idaho’s prayers?

Panama Heat
Quentin Fournier, a disinherited wanderer signs up for work on the Panama Canal in 1904. His skills in giving pleasure to other men soon become legendary. Written in 1957, the novella is surprisingly modern in its graphic descriptions of male sexuality. Quentin locates men who are anatomically blessed to the point of a curse. When Quentin breaks the spell, it is explosive.

Slaves of Rome
When huge Longinus arrives at the laundry where small and slender Formosus is enslaved, he defends the lad from the other greedy slaves. In thanks, Formosus accommodates the enormous needs of his handsome hyper protector. Together they hatch a plan to gain their freedom in far-away Neapolis.

World’s Biggest
Bob, too small, meets Jed, too big. Bob is a powerlifter hung like an ant. Jed is a good ole boy with way too much to give. Bob uses his skills he learned lifting weights to overcome any kind of pain and arrive at the perfect spot. Jed can’t thank him enough for his accommodation; Bob likes taking it just as much as Jed loves giving it. When a weightlifting tournament coincides with the “World’s Biggest Dick” contest, the two lovebirds take a vacation to the Big Apple.

Kindle Vella

The Longshoremen
This hardcore erotic romance tells the story of Ralph EagleClaw, a two-spirit living near the waterfront in Stockton, CA. White people call him a hermaphrodite On the reservation, he is revered as a shaman. Out here in the real world, he is just a lonely freak. Ralph sits on the docks and draws or paints the handsome workers. When Alec Shore, an enormously gifted longshoreman, catches Ralph drawing his portrait, it leads to an unexpected romance. At last, Ralph belongs somewhere. Can the two maintain a relationship in the repressive 1950’s?

The Orchardman
Shepard Boone is pregnant. He is an orchardman, a male who can give birth in the wake of a plague that sterilized all but his kind. The ruling class hold him against his will and force him to produce offspring in a prison hospital. For six years Shepard has suffered at the hands of the custodians and helmsmen who rule this tyrannical nursery. That’s all about to change. “The Orchardman” sits at the intersection of MPREG, Science Fiction, and Bara.