Q: Was Peter Schutes a real person?

A: No. He is a pseudonym with a rich history and fictitious background. The author responsible for Peter’s writing felt it was important to make him larger than life, so to speak.

Q: Where is the best place to buy Peter’s erotic e-books?

A: The erotic e-books are available at a number of outlets, including Kobo, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords. The best place to buy his erotica is on Smashwords. This site allows books to be offered for free. If you download this free erotic e-book, it contains a link to get a code for a collection of all five of Peter’s short stories. If you signed up for the mailing list, you would already have received that code.

Q: Will Peter or Smashwords spam me if I sign up?

A: No. Smashwords has a strict no spam policy and will not give or sell your information to anyone, period. Peter Schutes Publishing sends 3-5 discreet emails per year as books are released. They will never give or sell your information to anyone anywhere.

Q: What type of erotica did Peter write?

A: Peter specialized in big dick gay erotica. He preferred intensely masculine settings, like bunkhouses, rodeos, ships, garages, and work camps. In almost every story, there is a man whose member is so large, he gets rejected by women and men alike. In the end, he finds a perfect match. Sometimes the story is told from the point of view of a man with a very small endowment who is that one man who can take the monster. Many characters are haunted by demons from their past.

Q: Can I buy paperback editions of Peter’s writing?

A: Yes, but only on Amazon. Peter Schutes Publishing was created to revive the golden age of the gay erotic novel. They recall such classics as “Tom’s Big Pole” or “High Ball Trucker” that disappeared with the proliferation of free pornography on the internet. We encourage you to buy paperbacks to add to your collection of vintage porn.

Q: Does Peter have a social media presence?

A: Yes. He is very active on Instagram

Q: I’m not sure I will like this type of writing. Can I get a refund if I think it’s rubbish?

A: You should sample the free novels and stories on Smashwords before you buy. The quality of the writing is consistent and the editing is tight. If you like one, you will doubtless like them all.

Q: I don’t like big dick porn. Why don’t you write something else?

A: Peter’s philosophy regarding such criticism can be summed up “If you don’t like a work of art, then create one you do like. Be the change you want to see.”

Q: Who is the author behind the imaginary Peter Schutes?

A: It’s me, silly!