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Peter Schutes

Historic Gay Author

Peter Schutes is currently seeking the following types of stories:

    • Queer Erotic Romance Novels (65,000+ words)

    • Hardcore, Transgressive, Queer Erotic Shorts (3,500 – 20,000 words) that contain at least two of the three following elements:

      • Gay Erotic Icons – Cowboys, Sailors, Blue Collar, Cops, Prisoners, College Boys, Bodybuilders, Military, Pirates, Astronauts, the Village People assortment.

      • Men with issues of size and/or big size differences

      • Set in a time before Internet and Mobile phones (1980s and earlier)

    • Full-length Hardcore, Transgressive, Queer Erotic Novels (50,000-80,000 words)

      • Same criteria as short stories with regards to characters, size issues, and time setting.

      • Can be Genre, such as Mystery or Science Fiction, but must be highly erotic.

    • Male Pregnancy Shorts, Novellas, or Novels (3,500-80,000 words)

      • Must be erotic, not merely romantic

      • Characters can be effeminate, but more masculine types preferred

      • Should be transgressive, which most MPREG is!

    • We are open to other types of Erotica, including genderqueer, aliens, and other niches, but the types already mentioned are our preferences.

    • We are not open to erotic poetry. Erotic essays may be considered.

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Peter Schutes


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