The Spotter

A man with a huge cock pumped full of silicone shows off his muscles

Garret peeled off the shorts, revealing a cock the size of two coffee cans. It was misshapen, but it was a gigantic dick. Bryan grew weak in the knees looking at it.

Bryan was a gym bunny. He spent most days there, and his social life revolved around the people he met there. He was of average height and weight and was average everywhere except between his legs. There he was below average, which was a source of anxiety for him. His dick wasn’t tiny; it was short and thin. He was uncircumcised, adding to his fears of being different down there. In his social circle, most of the guys were cut. The only person who really cared about Bryan’s dick size was Bryan himself.

What began as a simple comparison evolved into an obsession. Bryan’s sexuality blossomed out of his obsession with size. He avoided guys with little dicks, and started lusting after the guys in the locker room with huge cocks. He was very fit and caught the eye of many men, some who identified as straight and others who were as gay as Bryan was becoming.

One day, the holy grail walked into the locker room. Garret was a new member with huge muscles and a massive bulge in his workout shorts. It was so big it defied explanation. Bryan wondered if the guy had elephantiasis or some other disorder that caused him to swell up. He didn’t want to be obvious, but his eyes kept darting toward Garret’s crotch as they worked out beside each other.

Garret smiled at Bryan. “Do you mind spotting me?”

Bryan stood over Garret, catching the weight and gently assisting when Garret asked for his help. The whole time, he stared hungrily at Garret’s crotch. The humongous blob of flesh wiggled inside its cloth prison with each lift. Garret caught Bryan staring.

“You like it?” Garret asked.

Bryan nodded. “I want to see it.”

“Let’s shower.” The tall, confident man waltzed into the locker room. The two men took shower stalls across from each other. Garret peeled off the shorts, revealing a cock the size of two coffee cans. It was a bit misshapen, but it was a gigantic dick. Bryan grew weak in the knees looking at it.

Garret smiled. “It’s too big for fucking, but I love it when guys worship it.” He stepped into the shower and began soaping up the gigantic package. 

“Come on, Bry, let’s see what you got.”

Bryan was deeply ashamed of his size. He was maybe four inches hard and two inches soft. When he removed his sweats, Garret whistled. “Damn, I’m sorry, buddy.”

Bryan turned a dark shade of crimson. “It’s pathetic,” he said.

Garret shook his head. “I used to be smaller. You don’t have to be that small if you don’t want to.”

Bryan couldn’t believe his ears. “What do you mean?”

Garret shrugged. “This is silicone. I got it done in Tijuana. You could too.”

A whole world opened up for Bryan in that instant. He could be bigger!

Garret said, “Why don’t you come over to my apartment and spend some time up close with it? I need to get off, and you’re fucking sexy as hell.”

“You mean you don’t care about my dick?”

Garret shook his head. “I just need you to hold mine, maybe kiss it a little.”

Bryan was rock-hard. His little dick pumped in the air. Garret smiled. “I knew you were the right type. It’s hard to find guys who aren’t put off by me.”

“No way,” the smaller man said, “I can’t fucking believe my eyes. It’s beautiful.”

The two men toweled off together, dressed, and headed to Garret’s place.

It was a shabby apartment near the gym. Garret wasn’t a great housekeeper. Most of the surfaces had empty protein shake bottles and dirty dishes. He didn’t bother to clean up. He grabbed Bryan’s face and kissed him. As Garret explored Bryan’s mouth with his tongue, he pressed his waist into the smaller man. Bryan started to drool precum in his sweatpants. The excitement of so much dick pressed up against him was nearly enough to make him come right there and then.

Garret grabbed Bryan’s hand and placed it on the bulge. “Go on, rub it.”

Bryan didn’t need encouragement. He explored every square inch of the massive lump of meat. His hands reached under and cupped the tip. It must have weighed ten pounds.

“Pull my pants down. Go ahead.”

Bryan struggled to get the shorts off. The waistband got hung up on the fat meat. When it finally sprung free, Bryan knelt before the God-like cock. He understood what Garret had meant by “worship.” It was a deity of flesh. The impossibly heavy cock began to swell and lift slightly off the man’s balls.

Garret took command. “I want you to bury your face in it and tongue my dick.”

Bryan could smell the gym soap on the sides of the massive tunnel. He obeyed. His face couldn’t fit in the large opening, but his tongue did. He tasted the tip of the cock, drooling precum, and licked it.

“Oh, yeah, just like that.” Garret moaned softly, holding Bryan’s head against the opening. Bryan’s cock obsession was reaching its apex. He was in heaven. Buried in its tunnel of flesh, the head was churning out more precum.

Garret pulled Bryan’s face away from his giant cock and said, “Slow down. I’m close. I want to do more with you.”

He pulled Bryan to his feet and lowered his sweats. Brian’s small cock was rigid and throbbing. Droplets of precum emerged and dripped down his shaft.

Bryan said, “What do you want me to do?”

“This.” Garret took hold of Bryan’s cock and guided it to the fleshy opening of his enormous cock. He put a hand around Bryan’s waist and pulled him close. Brian’s little cock slipped inside Garret’s, bumping against the buried cockhead. The silicone had caused the foreskin to thicken, which narrowed the opening. Bryan was engulfed by the soft cock-pussy. It gripped him slightly so that as he slid back and forth, fucking Garret’s huge dick, he felt each stroke on his shaft and head. It was like a very loose asshole or vagina.

Garret let out a loud breath. “Fuck that’s good. Keep going all the way. Tap the head.”

Bryan see-sawed in and out, hitting the tip of Garret’s cock each time he went deep. Both men were building toward orgasm.

Garret shuddered. “Oh fuck, dude, you’re gonna make me come.”

Bryan was so turned on by the huge dick he was fucking that he forgot to respond. He moaned and grunted, but all language had left him. He shook his head suddenly as if trying to get a fly to leave him alone.

Garret said, “You like my cock-pussy, don’t you, boy?”

Bryan nodded. He hadn’t even taken a moment to look at Garret’s incredible body. Two dark saucer-sized nipples covered his enormous pecs. He reached up and touched one. The teat was thick and fleshy. Bryan rolled it between his fingers.

“Oh fuck, man, you’re gonna make me cum!” Garret shook with imminent orgasm. When Bryan squeezed the teat hard, Garret let loose. “Aw, man! Here it comes!”

With Bryan lodged inside the opening, a white geyser erupted past his cock, spraying both men with Garret’s cum. Beads of sweat formed on Garret’s taut skin. Bryan tasted it. If the alpha male could be made into a soft drink, it would taste like Garret.

The sweat was the catalyst for Bryan’s orgasm. “Mmmm!” With a loud moan, Bryan shot his load into the opening. The cum blew back in a white spray, coating both men once more in manly essence.

Garret said, “I’ve been looking for a smaller one like yours. It’s the perfect size.”

For the first time in his life, Bryan felt proud of his little cock. He said, “If I get silicone like you, I won’t fit anymore.”

Garret gave a wicked grin. “Then I won’t tell you my doctor’s name.”

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